Calculus 1- Limits and Derivatives

LIMITS In this first animation we see the secant line become the tangent line i.e we go from the Average Rate of Change to the Instantaneous Rate of Change by letting the interval over which the Average Rate of Change is measured go to zero. Included are the lecture notes on going from Average to … Read more

Computer Lab Assignments

If you are unfamiliar with or are just learning Mathcad you may want to consider the Intro lab on basic graphs in Mathcad. Introduction to Basic Graphs Calculus 1 Labs Lab Average to Instantaneous (lab1summer) Lab Local Linearity (lab2summer) Graphing and Analysis of Functions (calc1lab5) Parametric Eqns 2 Space (parametric2space) Riemann Sums Lab (calc2lab1) Animation … Read more

Riemann Sums and the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus

Before viewing the following animations you might want to see the computer lab on Riemann Sums on the Computer Lab Page first for a complete discussion of Riemann Sums. The first animation below show the left and right sums for f(x) = x2 on the interval [1,2] The second animation shows the midpoint rule for the  … Read more