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2d order Diff EQS-Motion

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The following download is my lecture notes on the second order homogeneous differential equation with constant coefficients

Lecture Notes 2d order homogeneous DEs with constant coefficients

The following downloads are my lecture notes and animations for an application of second order homogeneous differential equations to the motion of a mass on a spring

Lecture Notes Applcication of 2d order eqns to a mass on a spring




critcally damped

The following 2 animations show the relationship between circular motion and the motion of a mass on a spring-first in the undamped case and then the underdamped case



 The following 2 animations show the relationship between circular motion and the linearized pendulum - again the first undamped and the second underdamped



Finally we consider the non-homogeneous 2d order eqn and applications of an RLC circuit which includes both continuous and discontinuous forcing functions.
You may want to review the Unit Step Function Notes on the Differential Equations
Page before examining the discontinuous case.

Lecture Notes RLC Circuit


The Smart Bunny-A very short story by Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

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