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Before considering the Riemann Sums animations make sure you're familiar with lesson 4 on the unit step function.

Lesson 4 - The Unit Step Function

The following 5 animations correspond to the functions described

in the Unit Step Function Notes

Animation- Rectangular Pulses

Animation- Saw Tooth Curve- 3 Teeth

Animation- Saw Tooth Curve- 20 teeth

Animation- Decaying Exponential

Animation- Sine Rectification

Riemann Sums in Rectangular Coordinates

Riemann Sums in Polar Coordinates

Other examples where we use the unit step function is the animation for the optimization problem :A Bird Flies Home and the animations where we show that incoming light rays reflected off of a parabolic mirror are relected to a single focal point.
In the parabolic mirror file we also have the format for the animation which show light emanating from the focus is reflceted off the parabolice mirror perpindicular to the x axis

A Bird Flies Home

Light Reflecting off a Parabolic Mirror

Before Considering animations in 3 space make sure you are familiar with Lesson 5-

which has the basics of animating parametric equations in 3 space.

Lesson 5 - Animating Parametric Equations in 3 Space

Good Animation- Axes Fixed

Bad Animation - Axes not Fixed


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